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Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole Fortune Learners Centre
Welcome to Fortune Learners Centre, a project of Fortune Community Centre which supports underprivileged and orphaned children to access quality education and care as well as economic empowerment for their care givers. At Fortune projects in Kayole-Nairobi and Kendu- Bay in Western Kenya we have high demand for more volunteer assistants to help with teaching, cooking, cleaning, washing, caring, feeding, playing and entertaining the children ad supporting the community.

We will be partnering with likeminded organizations locally and internationally to ensure steady stream of volunteers from UK,USA, , Australia, France, Switzerland , Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Norway, Portugal Argentina, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada ,Japan, Korea, China and any other part of the world to visit our projects to offer first hand help. Some of the activities for the volunteers will include:

  1. Outdoor activities-twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
  2. Helping with home work-Daily
  3. Picnics ,swimming and school trips –Occasionally
  4. Teaching of foreign languages(French, German, Portuguese, Itallian, Korean-daily the whole week
  5. Computer classes for pupils-Daily (Monday –Friday)
  6. Assisting in class work-Daily
  7. Tagging and giving food to school children and street children-Daily(Monday to Friday)
  8. Community Services including visiting the homes of the vulnerable children’s-Occasionally (at most twice a week)
  9. Debates and clubs -Three days a week.
  10. Health clinics and follow ups –on going basis.
  11. Class health checks-Daily.
  12. Administrative duties-daily
  13. Their initiated projects in the centre and community-on going.
  14. Attending staff and other school meetings –Occasionally
  15. Environmental Conservation
  16. Music and Drama Coaching
  17. Website management
  18. Fundraising for the organization
  19. Helping in buiding wherever there are construction projects.

They will provide life skill education to the pupils at the centre and those in the community including the youth and develop a mentorship program.

Why volunteer?
Doing voluntary work can be a learning and life changing experience; you can develop skills,gain knowledge,meet new people and learn about different cultures from different communitiea around the world.Also you will adding value to the community and touching lives of many.Our volunteers will also have the opportunity to visit places of their interest. Volunteer now.

Who can Volunteer
Anyone can volunteer. It doesn’t matter what experience you have, what skills you have, what background you are or how much time you can commit, everyone has something to give. Help us to help vulnerable
Hosting situation
Volunteers in both the Nairobi and Kendu-Bay project, we will majorly be hosted why the host families with exception of those who are not comfortable with that arrangement who can be organized for their own rooms. Volunteers are advised to consult with the organization before departing to Kenya so that they can know about the weather to help on choosing what to carry.
Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole
Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole

The following are our partner organizations and projects where other volunteers will be attached:

  1. Hope for Children and Development-Orphanage for children in Nairobi.
  2. St.Francis Progressive School-Education of orphans and vulnerable children in Nairobi
  3. Rambira Arise Network Youth Group.-Youth Economic Empowernet and HIV and AIDS awareness in Homa Bay County.
  4. Kamser Primary School-Education and Agriculture in Western Kenya.
  5. Karabondi Primary School-Education and Agriluture in Western Kenya.
  6. Karabondi Girls Secondary School-Educaation of gilrs in Western Kenya.
  7. Manovame Education Centre-Education of orphans and vulnerable children in Nairobi.


  1. NegusWorld

  2. Kenya School Fund.

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You may reach us through the following Address:

Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole
P. O. Box 28762-00100, Nairobi, Kenya


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