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Most of our children at Fortune are orphans and others vulnerable, meaning there are those with no parent, others have one parent and some their parents are not traceable. A few have living parents and relatives that simply cannot take care of them due to abject poverty or sickness. The children from the Homa-Bay County project are under the care of old grandparents.

Sponsoring a child is the most powerful tool you can use to impact LIVES

Now through your giving to Fortune, all of our children will thrive. We hope you will help us be a blessing to these children. By helping us to provide them with hope and a chance to a promising future, as all children deserve.

You may ask yourself what is included in daily life and education. We can promise you that you will cover all basic needs of the children. Daily life includes three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, supper), medical care, general costs (water, fire-wood, electricity, salaries, security). Education includes teacher salaries, paying rent for the premises, food, stationary supply and running costs

God is waiting for us to do His work….. We are the body of Christ that carries these burdens. God is waiting for us to notice these children who are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually. If, they are God’s children then they are �our� children. Consider sponsoring one of our children today.

We will be display a number of pupils but those who will get sponsors will be replaced by those who are still in need of a sponsor.

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We are very grateful and proud to be associated with the following Child Sponsors and Programme Donors

  1. Michael Rose- Thank you.
  2. Hedwich Daman- Thank you
  3. Peter Mulinge- Thank you
  4. Kenyan School Fund- Thank you
  5. Sophie Hendin- Thank you
  6. Juanita Pressley Thank you
  7. John A Gedes- Thank you
  8. Chantae Young- Thank you
  9. Mary Childs- Thank you
  10. Hebert & Laurie- Thank you
  11. Johwell Baptiste- Thank you
  12. Bridgette May- Thank you

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