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In the last few years a lot of things have changed within the project. With donations, physical help and environmental knowledge we were able to improve our daily life and our living conditions. But there are still many things to do! If you would like to donate for a particular project or if you have some new ideas or knowledge to change and improve the lives of the children just contact us! Read further to get a survey of all projects realized and our upcoming projects.


We are very happy to report that a volunteer who came to our project in 2014 and loan of Zidisha (an online lending organization based in USA) helped us to provide the children with affordable school uniform and that is why most of them look very smart. Those who joined the project in 2015 have not been lucky but we have managed to help others get uniforms but others today are still without school uniform.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre

Part of the children in uniform and others without


It is very unfortunate that a number of our children still go without food sometimes, they only get one meals a day (Lunch) and pothers also miss it.

It is our hope that with your support we will be able to provide all the children with at least two meals a day, porridge at 10am and Lunch and support those on our orphanage network with supper.

Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole Fortune Learners Centre, Kayole


As part of learning and promoting talent, we appreciate the importance of activities outside the classroom, we organize for our children to have the opportunity to join activities of their choice, others like football,netball,handball,athletics,singing,dancing,catwalk,acting,drama,music,rope skipping.

We lack some of the equipments for most of the sports but we thank one of our sponsors Hedwich-Netherlands who supported the boy’s school team with uniforms and a few balls, the boys still lack boots and other supplies for football. Our girls have not been lucky; they are still waiting for their opportunity.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre
Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre

Field Trips

We organization for field trips once a year for the children, teachers and the volunteers who are at the project at the time. Our past two trips are been within Nairobi but we have visited great places like Animal Orphanage, Nairobi Safari Walk, National Museum,Snake Park,Girrafe Centre and City Park,we will be visiting more new places in the coming years.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre


Most of our children lack books and other educational materials .Only 3 % of the children have textbooks,others cannot even afford exercise books.Books are essential but it does not sound well to tell a child who does not have a parent or whose parent is bedridden to spare at least 600/= Kenya Shillings to buy a book for their future when they can't even afford food.

In January 2015 through a friend Mary-UK we organized a small campaign to help raise funds to buy the children textbooks, we raised $325 and bought a few books which were much less .There is need to help provide the children with new text books and other educational materials to give them a chance to access more information to help improve their performance.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre


The premises where the Nairobi Project is situated is rented, it has been very frustrating since we have been evicted from two other premises in a span of two years. The owner of the current premises is thinking of disposing or evicting the organization from the premises since we are not in a position to pay him well. The building is also not in a good condition, the floors are worn out, and the roofs are leaking, the number of children is also growing day by day making some classrooms to be over crowded. There is no water and electricity in the building and the toilets a few and not conducive.

We thank our friends Johwell and the NegusWorld team from USA for helping us pay part of the balance we owed the owner through a campaign on GOFUNDME.We also thank our volunteer Bridgette May from Australia who also helped us in paying in December 2015.

We hope that with support the project will own its own premises for a home and a school.

Fortune Learners Centre


This project targets the families of the children and other vulnerable youth and women in the community to provide them with valuable portable skills for income generation and help sustain the education and well being of the orphans and vulnerable children.

  1. Training on entrepreneurship
  2. Training on tailoring/dressmaking, hairdressing and beauty as well as providing equipments and materials.
  3. Training peanut butter, pop corn making and provision of equipments and supplies for the work.
  4. Goat keeping, poultry and agribusiness in rural areas.
  5. Training on bead, bracelet, women purse and hand bags making from beads and recycled polythene papers.


This project is based in Kendu-Bay Homa Bay County-Western Kenya. Homa Bay county has the highest HIV infection and AIDS death rates in Kenya. Most of the energetic people die living the old grandparents to take care of the AIDS orphans, Fortune cares for such children. There are currently 60 children but the need is ever growing with the increase in AIDS and other deaths in the community, most of our children here have no uniform, go without food sometimes, they sit on stones due to lack of desks and only a few have school uniform. They are currently attending the public schools (because their classroom was swept away by rain) but the little Levi like exams and payment for helping teachers is a problem to those currently caring for them.

Others are in hands of extending family members or well wishers who are already burdened by their family needs’. We have only been able to provide them with clothes we get from well wishers to distribute to them every December.

We are appealing to ours friends to help provide them with a home and a school where they can get food, be treated, get shelter and attend school.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre

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