Our History

Mr. Charles Owino     I am 28 years and grew up in a small village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Western-Kenya. Orphaned at a young age, I was forced to earn a living my own way. By the time I was six, I was laboring on the fishing boats, cleaning fish and mending nets under the hot sun and going for fishing expedition the whole night to help fetch for my family.

    My dad left nothing, not land, not livestock, not money, not educated children but a big family with no one to care for. I spent more days going to fish than school in a week. I could only attend school one or two days a week. I dropped out of school on two occasions but my teachers couldn’t let me go because I was bright, they kept on looking for me to get back to school. I did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2001 emerging the top in the school.

    Life took a turn for the better when well-wishers in the local community gave me chance to attend secondary education. Thanks to their help and my own perseverance even though at this stage I was also in and out of school for lack of school fees for the 4 years. I acquired education and later moved to Nairobi.

    There I encountered many children who were missing out on education because their parents could not afford the nominal fees and required uniforms of the government primary schools. Other children were orphans. Together with likeminded community members we started Fortune Community Centre and I thought of education for orphans and vulnerable children and I started Fortune Learners Centre as project under Fortune Community Centre to teach, house and feed these children, asking those with family members to pay only what they were able and orphans and other vulnerable children pay nothing as we seek on ways on how to get them helped. Fortune Learners Centre is the realization of my dream to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. My desire to care for the less fortunate started from when I was a young boy. Being brought up in a village by a widow, I witnessed how children were suffering after being abandoned or when they lose their parents due to AIDS and any other disease and I vowed to help the way I can.

    In any community, children are vitally important. I believe that our children will be the solution to the world’s issues and problems and the best way to help orphans and vulnerable children out of poverty is to educate them.

    Let us join hands and leave a positive impact on the lives of children.


    Following the launch of Nairobi Project, we started by collecting used clothes from friends in Nairobi and distributing to orphans, widows and grannies in Kendu-Bay once every year in the month of December. Homa-Bay is one of the counties in Kenya with the highest HIV infection and AIDS death rates .This means there are so many orphans left behind under the care of grannies and other extended families members who are already burdened .The area receive little rainfall that cannot support agriculture, the main economic activity is fishing which has been hampered by the presence of water hyacinth, the fish volumes have also decreased. Fishing is majorly done by men and for women to access fish even for those with, they have to offer more than money to the fishermen to get fish and in most cases it is a sexual relationship which develops into a web and this has also contributed to high HIV infection rates witnessed in the area.

    We have been supporting 60 orphans but they are facing a lot of challenges where they live, some are exposed to child labor, child sexual exploitaton and child trafficking. They also miss school sometimes for one reason or the other and this has affected their performance.

    We are currently seeking partnership to help build them a safe home and school where other vulnerable children from the community can also access education. There is also need for adult education and initiation of income generating activities targeting widows, child headed household and grannies caring for orphans.

Fortune Learners Centre Fortune Learners Centre
Pictures showing the environment of the Homa-bay project

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